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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Today I went to the market to buy another plant. It was a busy day as are most Saturdays. The people who don't normally go to the market come on Saturdays. And those who come early during the week, come later on Saturdays, so it seems that every booth is overly crowded.

Because of my faithfulness to the fruit/vegetable vendor, she makes sure I'm not overlooked by everyone believing that they're next. I think she even let me move ahead of a few clients because I always put all of my fruits/vegetables in bags and stand their patiently.

One pushy woman wanted to move in front of me and wanted the merchant to get everything for her. The merchant told her to get her own bag and fill them if she's in a hurry. The woman complained that she couldn't find them, so I pointed the bags out, which were right in front of her on the oranges. The fruit/vegetable vendor thanked me and winked.

I went to the three plant vendors and walked around each one a few times to check out everything they had on display. Today I was looking for an indoor plant. For each plant I liked, I'd ask the vendor, "Ci vuole tanta luce o poca luce?" (Does it need lots of light or a little light?) That would define whether I could put in on our desks or in the living room, which gets a little less light. Of course, they'd rattle off the name of the plant and I wouldn't retain it. I'm not good at keeping such information in my head. I know ficus, philodendron, bamboo, and some flowers like tulips, orchids and roses. But beyond that, I don't remember all the names. Some of the names are similar, like azalee, rose and tulipani. But, in doubt I just remember that a plant is feminine, una pianta and a flower is masculine, un fiore. So when I ask, "E questa qui?" (And this one here?), they'll know that I'm talking about a plant and if I ask, "E questo qui?" (And this one here?), they'll know I'm talking about a flower.

I have already planted flowers out on the terrace and put a magenta orchidea in a pot on my desk. Now all I think about is how I can get more plants. I guess the sun is a sign that Spring is on its way...except for the fact that it's still freezing cold outside.

I love sitting at my desk and looking out onto the terrace where I see my newly arranged terrace with green plants and trees and purple and white flowers. What a joy to see all of them basking in the sun. They flutter in the wind and I smile.

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