by Melinda Gallo

Happy to be home

During our final breakfast at the local pātisserie (pastry shop), we realized how much we did during our week stay in France. We had had some great times and had visited cities and places that we thoroughly enjoyed. We didn't make any plans for our trip except for our three-day conference in Opio and four days off in Nice.

Living in Florence :: Happy to be home

The picture included here is one that I took the night before we left from the top of Le Meridien hotel on the Promenade des Anglais. A small souvenir for myself of the beautiful Mediterranean sea that we'll sorely miss.

We boarded the train to go to Milan where we took another train to Florence. This time we took the long way home since when we went to Nice last week, we stopped in Genova and waited a few hours for our train. Luckily, we didn't have to do that again. That train stopped many times along the coast and it just felt long. We preferred to take the Eurostar from Milan to Florence, which is more comfortable and stops only in Bologna.

We rushed to the taxi station after we got off the train and loaded up our luggage into the trunk of the taxi. The air was heavy and warm. We had been having cool and windy evenings in France, but our return to Florence reminded us that summer has only just begun.

While we were gone, Simone cleaned up our terrace. I realize that I'm not that great at taking care of the plants outside and with all of our weird weather, things just got worse. Two plants died because of the snow earlier this year. Simone came while we were away to get rid of the dead plants. He loves to garden while I like to have a garden, but not necessarily do much work on it. I like automatic sprinklers and gardeners, but we don't have either.

I finally got to cook us dinner and used my new Mexican spices that I bought in France. We worked a little and relaxed in our dining room where we spend most of our time. When we went to sleep in our own bed, we were exhausted, but happy to be back home.

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