by Melinda Gallo

Drastic change in weather

In only one day, the weather went from fairly warm and sunny to cold, cloudy, and even rainy. I had finally taken a day off of apartment searching and walked through Piazza Santa Croce. It was great to walk around without having to be somewhere at a specific time.

Living in Florence :: Drastic change in weather

It seems like every year, the weather changes almost drastically in one day. It had begun to cool down; I had even begun wearing a scarf around my neck. But, decisively, there is only one day when a switch is flipped and the weather becomes colder.

I saw that they were installing the annual German Christmas market when I walked through the piazza this afternoon before it started to sprinkle. I saw numerous vans unloading and setting up the stands.

I can't wait until it's open because it's so festive and fun to go to. The German Christmas market usually lasts at least a month and I walked past many times last year and realized I'd missed it when I saw them disassembling everything.

So, this year hopefully we won't move far away from Piazza Santa Croce so that I can walk out of my apartment to eat, drink, and be merry before Christmas.

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