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Thursday, December 21, 2006

When we lived next to Santa Croce church, I used to never see the Duomo unless I was walking down via Calzaiuoli. But, even then, I'd only really see the Duomo if I went to Pegna or the Paperback Exchange bookstore. I get to see the Duomo almost every day now when I walk out to via dei Servi to go to via Calzaiuoli. This evening I had to go downtown to fare delle commissioni (run some errands).
Living in Florence, Italy :: My new neighborhood

Via dei Servi was quite peaceful this evening when I walked down today even though there are only a few days before Christmas. I was so enchanted by the view when I walked toward the Duomo that I had to take a picture.

Many people I know have asked me how I like my new neighborhood and every time I walk out of my building and walk through the piazza, I'm incredibly happy. I walk down via dei Servi and am happy that we have changed neighborhoods. The streets around our new place are much cleaner.

I miss going to the mercato (market) as much as I used to, but our food being delivered by Esselunga is such a treat that I wouldn't trade it for the world now. I love going to the mercato to buy a few things like meat, honey, olives, and cheese. I'm sure that Esselunga's products are good; however, I am attached to my mercato.

But, when I walk down the street and see the Duomo like I did tonight, I certainly wouldn't move back to where we were before now!

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