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A rainy day

Monday, April 30, 2007

After having such exceptionally warm weather these past few weeks, today it cooled down tremendously and began to rain. When I walked in front of the Duomo today there were huge crowds of people lining up to get into the Duomo. I had never seen it so busy downtown before. Although for the past few days this past weekend I've said the same thing every day. Either things have changed or I never noticed it was as crowded as it is.

On my way home today, as soon as I was a few feet from my apartment, the rain began to pour. Thunder and lightning quickly followed. I was just happy to be inside. I wanted to go out on my terrace to look outside, but I'm sure almost everyone disappeared quite quickly. A few people were prepared as I saw them open their umbrellas, but most of us were wearing open-toed shoes, light sweaters, and cotton pants.

They did predict rain last week, but I wasn't prepared since we've had such great weather recently. The temperatures dropped a little bit and it was cloudy this morning, but I didn't really think it was going to rain.

And, even two hours later, it's still raining quite heavily. It's actually a good thing since I heard that we might have water rations in Italy this year if we don't get any rain.

I love the rain and the way it cleans up the city streets, but I don't like walking in it too much especially when I don't have the proper gear.

We're all bracing for an estate tremenda (terrible summer) because the heat arrived much too early this year. But hopefully this downpour of rain will keep the temperatures normal for awhile. I'm hoping for a pleasant summer, not a scorching one.

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