First expat article published in The Florentine

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last month I spoke with Alexandra, the editor of The Florentine, to ask her if she'd be interested in a series of interviews I wanted to do about the English-speaking expats living in Florence. I am always interested in why someone else would choose Florence as their home, so I thought it'd be interesting to have a series about the paths that people took to get here and what they're doing in their lives. Many people who read my blog people ask me what kinds of jobs are available here and my response is always the same. "Whatever you're interested in or want to do, you can do here. You just have to be creative." And each of the five expats that I've interviewed so far have confirmed that.

I have been fascinated by people's stories and I hope others will find them just as intriguing and inspirational. It is amazing how each one has taken what they truly love to do and worked it into a job for themselves here in Florence. I believe that Florence is a stimulating city that can inspire people. However, I also believe that living in another country allows a person to find out more about themselves and discover who they truly are. I don't think one has to move out of the country to experience such transformations, but doing so certainly accelerates the process.

I know that I probably wouldn't have felt such a big pull to write had it not been for my stint in Paris. I was able to live in another place where the writing is highly revered and not feel like it was just supposed to be a hobby of mine. I'm certain that after extracting myself from my home country, I was able to figure out who I was and realize what my true abilities are.

I'm happy to say that my first published article is about my dear friend Lisa McGarry. Thanks to her beautiful travel memoir, the "Piazzas of Florence" we were able to meet. We share a love and appreciation of Florence that bonds us and inspires us both.

I am so honored to have been inspired to write these articles, receive supportive feedback from my friends and family, and have them published.

May the expats of Florence inspire us all to follow our hearts, honor our true selves, and enjoy life to its fullest!

If you have any comments, please share them on the Living in Florence's FaceBook page. Grazie!

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