by Melinda Gallo

Back home in my beloved city

I just got back from my trip to California. This last trip was probably one of my most memorable because of all the people--both old and new--that I connected with. The first thing I did when I got home today was look out our window to see the Arno. Alessandro told me that it had rained a lot while I was gone, but the level of the water wasnít that high and the color of the water was a cool green.

I always love celebrating when I return to Florence. For dinner, I wanted to grab a pizza at our friendís restaurant. I had a long flight and I knew that I didnít want to sit in a restaurant for too long.

Before dinner, I had to take a stroll through town. We walked down via dei Neri toward the Uffizi, alongside Palazzo Vecchio, through PIazza della Signoria, and past Orsanmichele down via Calzaiuoli until we were in front of the Duomo. Even though it was cold, I couldíve stood in front of the Duomo for hours. Its beauty always moves me.

I loved seeing people walking in the streets, the lights from the stores cast out onto the streets, and the monuments standing proudly in the piazza. As I walked alongside the Duomo, I realized that I didnít miss one thing in particular, but I did miss the feeling I have just being in my beloved city.

The only thing I felt drawn to do on my first day back was to see my suoceri (in-laws). I had missed our Sunday lunches together these past few weeks. I missed connecting with them, hearing them laugh, and seeing them smile. After my marito (husband), they are the people I missed the most while I was away.

One thing I realized on my trip to California was how important people are in my life. The sweetest moments I experienced were the ones I spent in the company of my family or friends.

Iím happy to be home in Florence with my marito and I look forward to traipsing around my beloved city soon. I look forward to taking more foto (photos) because I have missed capturing my city from different perspectives and angles.

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