Relaxing and appreciating

Friday, June 29, 2012

Iíve been back to Florence for a week now and taking my time to adjust to the big change I just made. I want to make more changes and shifts in my life, but the warm summer air entices me to slow down, enjoy, and relax. To add to the weather, my sprained ankle is also forcing me to take it slow. I canít walk as fast or as far as Iíd like to. Iíve been wanting to walk along the Arno and get lost in my beloved cityís beauty, but I canít go far and can only take quick glimpses of it when Iím out.

During these times of great shifts, I feel a great desire to be alone. I miss my friends, but I enjoy the time I have in my apartment looking out at the Arno, seeing the low hill across the way, and hearing the city noises swirl around. I have put a few projects on hold for the moment and feel the need to center myself a bit more before I can get up and continue down my path.

While Florence has always been my best friend and lover, Iím happy that I have never associated her with anyone else. Itís a joy for me to know that the relationship I have with my beloved city is mine alone. Just being back in Florence these past few days has given me renewed strength and courage.

I have to listen to my heartís whispers with more intent and purpose before I can follow its wishes. Sometimes my thoughts intrude and want to push me in a different direction and I canít let that happen. Recently, Iíve been immersing myself in silence sprinkled with a few moments filled with music.

Summers in Florence are usually unappreciated by most, but I love the heat, the lethargy that gently comes over me, and the long days I get to enjoy. My days in summer begin early with the light streaming into my apartment. I can sometimes be so active that I donít take a break, but right now Iím wanting to be still, to listen to my heart, to enjoy the days, and to appreciate the beauty all around me. In the fall, I hope to get back up and running (literally).

My beloved city fills my heart with great happiness. The light in the early morning and dusk is so enchanting that I feel my heart pause for just a moment. The colors in the city and those swirling in the Arno can only bring joy to my heart.

I am not only fortunate because I live in Florence and feel that itís home, but also to benefit from all that its energy instills in me. My beloved city continually nudges me to be true to myself, to listen to my heart, and to follow my joy. Living in Florence allows me to fully become me and align more each day with the person I was born to be. I appreciate my beloved city and am honored to be in her embrace.

If you have any comments, please share them on the Living in Florence's FaceBook page. Grazie!

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