by Melinda Gallo

My Favorite Places

Here are a few of my favorite spots in Florence. Click on the Pinterest link to see them on the map.

Pranzo o Cena (Lunch or Dinner)

I like so many different restaurants based on what I want to eat. Some places I prefer for their pasta dishes and others for their meat dishes.

  • L'Osteria di Giovanni
    My favorite Tuscan restaurant in Florence where I go for any occasion (and even if there isn't one). Absolutely everything is fantastic: pasta, meat dishes, and homemade desserts.
    via del Moro, 22 [map]
    Tel. +39 055 284897
  • Osteria de' Benci
    My favorite local place where I often go to have lunch and dinner. I love the fresh ingredients and delicious Tuscan specialties, like the spaghetti dell'ubriacone!
    Borgo Santa Croce, 31r [map]
    Tel. +39 055 2344923
  • Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi
    When I want a delicious bistecca alla fiorentina, this is where I go although I also love their pasta too.
    via del Porcellana, 9r [map]
    Tel. +39 055 284015
  • Buca dell'Orafo
    My favorite place for typical Tuscan specialties and a fabulous bistecca alla fiorentina right next to the Ponte Vecchio.
    via dei Girolami, 28 [map]
    Tel.+39 055 213619
  • Ristorante Parione
    I have loved everything I've eaten here. This restaurant is one of my favorites to eat a bistecca alla fiorentina.
    Via del Parione, 74 / 76r [map]
    Tel.+39 214005
  • SE•STO on Arno
    A wonderful restaurant where I particularly enjoy having lunch while taking in the view above the Arno. I come here often for a drink to just enjoy the view.
    Piazza Ognissanti, 3 [map]
    Tel.+39 055 2715 2783
  • Trattoria Pandemonio
    One of my favorite places in the Oltrarno!
    via del Leone 50r [map]
    Tel.+39 055 224002


I am picky about my pizza and like it alta (which means that it has a thicker dough and is not flat and crunchy).

  • Pizzeria del Caffè Italiano
    With only three types of pizza, I am always so happy to get a pizza here. My favorite is the napoli with mozzarella, capers, anchovies and a touch of fresh basil.
    via Isola delle Stinche, 11r-13r [map]
    Tel. +39 055 289080
  • Pizzeria Torcicoda
    A pizzeria near Santa Croce where I've been a few times and love it each time. They have a wide selection of pizzas from which to choose and each time I've chosen a different one.
    via Torta 5r [map]
    Tel. +39 055 2654329

Aperitivo (Apéritif)

I'm easily seduced by views so every place I choose has a lovely view or at least a calm atmosphere. I tend to shy away from any place with a large buffet.

  • La Terrazza at the Continentale
    One of the most spectacular terraces in the city where you can get an aperitivo.
    vicolo dell'Oro, 6r [map]
    Tel. +39 055 27262
  • SE•STO on Arno
    A great place for a drink while enjoying a lovely view of the city.
    Piazza Ognissanti, 3 [map]
    Tel.+39 055 2715 2783

Gelato (Ice Cream)

All the gelaterie I go to make ice cream with fresh and seasonal ingredients. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Gelateria dei Neri
    Right in my neighborhood, I know I can always get the best ice cream wihtout going far from home.
    via dei Neri 9/11r [map]
    Tel. +39 055 210034
  • Rivareno
    One of my favorites because they have great flavors and use only ingredients that are in season.
    Borgo degli Albizi, 46r [map]
    Tel. +39 055 011 8039
  • Gelateria della Passera
    Any time I am near Santo Spirito, this is the gelateria I go to.
    via dello Sprone 16 [map]
    Tel. +39 055 291882

Tè (Tea)

When I like to just take a moment have a tea with friends or even alone, this is where I choose to go:

  • Cecilia Firenze -- Natural Food & Drink
    Enjoy a fresh smoothie, coffee, or tea with any of her homemade cookies or cakes when you're near Santa Croce.
    via dei Neri, 39r [map]
    Tel. +39 055 280749
  • Via del Tè
    A wide varieties of tea and a wonderful tea salon when strolling near Santo Spirito.
    via di Santo Spirito, 11 [map]
    Tel. +39 055 280749