Cooking an oven pancake for two

Another cold day and we don't want to go outside. We open all the curtains and the sky is blue, but we know it's cold out there. We turn on the heaters and drink our coffees. Today, I decided to make an oven pancake that we both love.

I usually cook pasta for lunch and meat for dinner. I've lived here before, so I know the dangers of eating pasta twice a day especially if you're not used to it. Besides, cooking is fun when you're doing it for someone other than yourself.

I didn't bring any of my recipes with me to Italy; they're all in storage. So, I looked on the Internet for a recipe for "Oven Pancake," "Dutch Baby," or "German Pancake." I only knew roughly what the measurements were, like four eggs, a cup of milk, and a cup of flour. I couldn't remember how much butter, at what temperature to cook it, or for how long.

Thanks to Google, I found a few and picked one. I had to beat the eggs with a wire whisk since I don't have a blender or an electric beater. Luckily, Simone had one US measuring cup, which was vital as well.

I hadn't cooked an oven pancake in awhile and when we sat down to eat it and sprinkle the powdered sugar and fresh lemon juice on it, we felt like we were back home in the States. I did buy some maple syrup, but I'll save that for another day.

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