Snowing in Florence?

Today was the first time it has snowed in Florence for probably many years. This morning when I went out, the sun was peeking through the clouds and it didn't seem particularly cold. As I was preparing lunch, the dark clouds started to arrive and then it just snowed; first a little and then a lot.

Living in Florence :: Snowing in Florence?

Dave was at the Laundromat drying the sheets and Sali, the cleaning lady, wasn't as impressed with it at all. I had no one with whom to share this moment, so I went outside on the terrace and took pictures of the adjoining rooftops and the plants, but all I could see were white streaks that look like nothing. Maybe no one will even believe me. I stood there alone in my slippers, letting the snow fall on me and then melt.

Even though I'm from California, I've seen snow a few times especially since I married Dave (who is from Colorado), but it's even more exciting when it happens where you least expect downtown Florence.

I received an email from my friend Kristen, who lives in Parma, and she said that it snowed there yesterday. I kind of wished I had been there just for a moment to see it. But, I got even came to me!

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