Florence is warming up

As predicted, the bells on the church rang at midnight right when we got home tonight. They haven't rung since Friday morning although I haven't really noticed. I hear them so often that I tune them out now.

We were walking back from the pizzeria in the "Oltrarno" and the streets were filled with people. Couples were walking hand-in-hand, groups of teenagers on the steps of Santa Croce and in front of Piazza della Signoria, some people were standing on Ponte Vecchio listening to two guys sing and play guitars, and a few others buying and eating gelato in the street.

The air was cool, not cold at all. I was surprised since Winter seemed to never end. I still haven't gone to the lavanderia (dry cleaner's) to pick up my down jacket and favorite orange scarf, but now I don't think I even need them.

I've been looking forward to going outside all week. I was so pleased to be able to walk outside, a bit more relaxed than normal, since I didn't need to keep warm. This is the Florence I love. The warmer and livelier Florence with people walking around town until well past midnight.

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