All Americans love Florence and Venice

I spoke to a friend of mine Massimo who lives in Rome. He knows how much I love Florence. He tried to get me to move to Rome when I first moved to Florence, but I wouldn't budge. But when I told him that I finally made it to Venice and loved it, he told me, "A tutti gli americani piacciono Firenze e Venezia!" (All Americans love Florence and Venice!)

I began to wonder why that is so? Am I just a typical American who has fallen in love with the same Italian cities? I love Florence and Venice because of how I feel when I'm in each of them. I walk outside through the historical centers and I feel like it's a dream. The smells, sounds, and sights of the city are truly enchanting.

But why does everyone else love it too? Do they like the art? The churches? The monuments? But almost all Italian cities are culturally rich. Do they like cities that they can walk around in? Do they like they are considered the two most beautiful cities in Italy?

But why don't Americans like Rome, Naples, Milan, or Siena as much? They each have so much to offer. Each one with a different personality, a different feel, and a different life.

In the end, I believe that maybe Americans love the richness, the beauty, and the oldness of Florence and Venice. Our cities in the US have a lot of culture, but not as much per square mile. You can walk the streets and truly feel as if you are in a huge museum. These two cities represent all that is beautiful in Italy.

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