Lying in wait

We do everything right: we have screens on the windows that we open, we don't have any windows open after the sun goes down, and we turn on the mosquito repellent. Despite our best efforts, a few manage to come inside the house.

Most nights, I sit in bed with my night light on reading and suddenly a mosquito comes buzzing around me looking for a patch of skin to land on. Dave wakes up, either by my whacking near his face to get the mosquito or by the mosquito deciding on him instead of me.

We find ourselves sitting up in bed looking at the walls, hoping to find out where she landed. (Unfortunately, I have to say "she" because the mosquitoes that bite are female.)

Dave is able to catch them in his hands, while I opt for the cleaner solution of getting them in a Kleenex. Finally, with the mosquitoes gone, I turn off the light and we go to sleep. Until the next night when we'll go through the same steps again.

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