An American treat

Today Dave and I went to see the latest Star Wars movie. It was playing in English at the Odeon theater near Piazza Repubblicca. It seems that every English-speaking tourist or resident of Florence goes there to see movies. There were a few British mothers who brought their bilingual children and a few tourists seeking shelter from the rain.

I even noticed an American couple sitting two rows in front of us that I saw in October at the Questura (police department). I remembered them only because they were picking up their permessi di soggiorno (permits to stay). The woman was standing up at the counter trying to make peace with the policeman who was yelling at her while her husband was reading the NY Times.

As always when the screen goes black and the intervallo (intermission) message appears, people burst out laughing and talk about how stupid it is. I understand that it might seem odd to them, but I don't know why they think that it's so stupid. They do it at a great point when you can take a break, get something to eat or drink, and enjoy the second half of the film.

I sit and watch the people get all worked up. It's almost amusing at times. They get so upset about it and when the lights go back off and the movie begins, they quickly forget.

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