In a hurry to leave Lido

Yesterday we went to the Excelsior hotel next to where the Venice Film Festival is held each year around August/September. We rode bikes past the crowded public beaches and the almost empty private beaches. We have never ridden bikes in Italy and it was fun. It's something we wouldn't try back in Florence. There weren't many cars and only a few buses. With such great weather, I'm sure everyone was at the beach.

Living in Florence :: In a hurry to leave Lido

We sat out on the terrace in the shade sipping our drinks and looking out over the beach. It looked as if were were looking out onto an ocean with no view of land in site. We were happy we took the rental bikes from the hotel. We thought it was just around the corner, but it ended up being a 10 minute bike ride.

The woman at the hotel warned us that there's nothing else on the island but the beach. We were a little disappointed because we're not "beach people." We like to look at it, go in the water a little bit, and that's it. We can't sit there under the sun to bake.

We rode the bikes downtown and walked up and down the main strip where there were only a few shops we even wanted to check out. We decided to go back to our hotel for dinner. Not only because the food was good, but because we didn't want to go hunt down a restaurant on the island.

I couldn't wait to get off of Lido today. We were going to walk around the island a little more and then take the vaporetto back to the stazione. I felt sick to my stomach for some reason. Is there too much water here for me?

Our trip to Lido was pleasant in that we saw the beach and visited another part of Italy we didn't know. We probably won't be going back. Especially since once we got near San Marco, I felt much better. My stomach ache subsided and I was even happier to get on the train.

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