A quiet Sunday morning

Early this morning, I went to Piazza Ferrucci to meet some friends. I walked along the Arno away from town and was pleased at how peaceful the city seemed. There were a couple of people out walking their dogs. I didn't see many other people walking outside. Most people probably ride their bikes or scooters to get around this part of town.

Living in Florence :: A quiet Sunday morning

It was a cool, but sunny morning. I could feel the difference from the weather in July. In the mornings, the sun is strong and already hot. The city doesn't cool off much in the summer. Now, in early autumn, the air is much cooler even though it is sunny.

I took a picture of the river and San Niccolò where the Arno is actually moving. Sometimes, the river seems like it's stagnant from other bridges, like Ponte Vecchio.

I'm thinking that I'd like to take strolls in the morning, especially on weekends, while the city is still sleeping.

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