Sensitive teeth and sushi

One reason for us to drive up to Rocklin (about 100 miles from Los Gatos, CA) was to get our annual dental check-up. I lived in Europe for 10 years and have never seen a dentist there. I'm afraid of non-American dentists. Maybe for no reason, but I'm generally fearful of the possible pain and the possible low dose of anesthetics.

I met a British dentist once in 1995 and he had stained (some had black around them) teeth that were a bit crooked. I couldn't possibly make an appointment if he's supposed to be treating my teeth. I've heard that dentists in Italy are fine, but I'm still a bit weary. I don't think I've even met an Italian dentist yet.

I love my dentist in Rocklin especially since he understands that my teeth are sensitive and that I dislike going to the dentist. I get to take a pill to relax me a little and, of course, local anaesthesia (which he's so gentle at administering that I feel nothing). During the procedure, I get to watch the TV or any movie I want. There are two screens: one on the wall and one on the ceiling. I also get a water sonic cleaning (with very little scraping) and while I'm being treated, they have a ring cleaner and a paraffin wax hand treatment. It's almost like being in a day spa. It's definitely worth the 2-hour drive up there!

Of course, our other treat was to go to our favorite sushi place two nights in a row with my screenwriter friend Tim. We started with oyster shooters (which contain sake, raw quail egg, raw oyster, spices, green onions, and red hot sauce). By the name, I would assume that most people take them in one shot, but they're so tasty that I sip mine just a little to savor the taste. Afterwards, we had edamame (the Japanese soybeans), BBQ tuna with red sauce, and then so much sushi that I'm embarrassed to be specific.

We parked in front of our house and sighed. It's so big compared to where we're living in Florence. We were just happy to see it still standing and in great condition (from what we could see on the outside). We didn't disturb our tenants and just drove off.

It's easy to get used to large spaces and big houses. My sister's house feels like a mansion next to our 600 square foot apartment. We love our apartment, but we're beginning to realize just how small it is.

Our dentist called us the next day to make sure we were OK. It's very nice of him to go that extra step and I certainly hope my teeth will make it another year before having any problems!

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