by Melinda Gallo

Perfect weather

Today when I went to the mercato, the weather was absolutely perfect. It was cool in the shade and warm in the sun. After weeks of intermittent rain, which mostly came in the afternoon, I was so happy to finally see the sunny skies. So happy, in fact, that I watered the plants on our little terrace.

The guys at the pizzicheria told me that this year our summer should be mild. That would be a great bit of news if it turns out to be true. Florence is in a sort of buca (pit) so air doesn't circulate well here. When it's hot here, the air is stagnant. We long for a cool breeze, but it never comes.

Dave put the laundry outside while keeping one eye on the sky to make sure the rain wouldn't come again. For the first time since last year, our laundry dried outside without much difficulty. In the winter, we have to hang the close in our living room to dry, so it's great when the weather permits us to put it outside.

This weekend, they are predicting rain again. So, I went back outside this afternoon to run a few errands. I heard a lot of English today; more than usual. First there was a German couple at the McRae bookstore where the man asked for a good book that he could read while he's on his trip here. Then, when I went to the travel agent to ask a few questions, two American girls were in line behind me to buy train tickets.

All in all, it was a great day in Florence. The best one I've seen so far. I just hope we have many more like this to come.

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