Chiusura estiva

In my area, signs have been popping up everywhere announcing the chiusura estiva (summer holidays). Shops are closed at different times throughout July and August. Almost everyone takes the week before or after the ferragosto, which is the holiday on August 15th.

Many places already have reduced hours because so few people are around. If it weren't for the tourists, the whole town would be deserted.

My palestra (gym) is closed for the month of August and now I have to find another one to go to. I'll probably end up going to my old palestra, which is farther from my apartment, but at least they're open. Right now there are so few of us going to the palestra that it doesn't even open up on Saturdays now.

At the mercato (market), some of the outside bancarelle (stalls) are not even showing up. And, many of the shops inside have put up signs that they'll be closed for a period of time. The guys at the pizzicheria told me that they'll be open all of August as will one of the macellerie (butcher shops).

We won't starve, but our choices will be limited. Last year for August, we went to Corsica, so it'll be interesting to stay here with only the tourists and an incredibly low number of fiorentini (Florentines). I've been assured that Florence in August can be quite enjoyable as long as it's not too hot.

It has been hot lately, but I think we're all getting used to the heat and it's not affecting us like it did a few weeks ago. Dave and I used to have to take a pennichella (nap) in the afternoon because it was just too overwhelming.

The new year begins on Monday, September 4th. It would be the first of the month, but that's a Friday. And, everyone knows that's no way to start the year!

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