Enchanted with the Arno

I am fortunate enough to sit at my desk and look out at the Arno from my window. Much of the time, I just glance at the Arno when I'm not looking at my computer. At other times, I look up at the Arno and contemplate its color: sometimes it's a murky green and other times a darker grey. A few hours ago, I was working on my computer and when I looked up, I was enchanted by all the colors. I felt impelled to grab my camera and take a picture.

Living in Florence :: Enchanted with the Arno

Sometimes pictures are just as good as the actual view, but in this case, mine doesn't do the view justice. What I saw was a blue sky that looked as if it was glowing, the sliver of moon brightly shining above, and the Arno a deep blue.

After having spent almost an entire week along the Mediterranean Sea, I'm happy to now be looking out at my river. I love the sea with its constant motion and limpidity, but the Arno seems more unpredictable because of its changes in water level, current, and certainly color.

I did love visiting Ischia, Capri, and Naples, but I know that I couldn't leave my Florence behind. Today when I was riding my bici (bike) around town to fare qualche commissione (to run some errands), I was reminded just how beautiful and enchanting my city is. I rode along the Arno river near the American Consulate just to see even more of my city. I could've taken a shorter route home, but I opted for the more scenic one. I had already gone past the Duomo earlier in the morning.

I didn't know how much I missed Florence until I was riding around on my bici. And I didn't know how much I missed the Arno until I looked out at it this evening.

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