Forty years and eighty-four roses

I have never in my life received so many rose a gambo lungo (long-stemmed roses) as I did today and in the picture I only show half of them. Alessandro had eighty four of them delivered to my apartment early this morning. The number is supposed to be my age times two plus another number. The fiorista (florist) told him that he shouldn't buy a number of roses that ends in zero, so he added four more.

Living in Florence :: Forty years and eighty-four roses

I'm happy to say that I have turned 40 today! A part of me feels as if I have just won a big prize, but another part of me knows that this day is only a milestone in my life. I have much more to do, to learn, to enjoy, and to look forward to. At every milestone in my life, I thought I had really succeeded. I thought that I was finally an adult at 21, but when I hit 30, I realized I finally felt like I was an adult. My 30's were tumultuous, challenging, and yet beautiful, so I don't know what to expect of my 40's.

For my 30th birthday, I locked myself in my apartment after having been in Florence for only one month. I remember not wanting to see anyone, not answering the phone, and eating take-away Chinese food for dinner alone.

For my 40th birthday, I am celebrating it with Alessandro and a few of my closest friends at Simone's restaurant, Canapone. So, I'm hoping today will be the beginning of many more wonderful years to come.

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