Juggling my time

I am on the verge of going back to the US for a short trip. I have a lot to do besides my normal work, like finding presents for people back home, buying some clothes to wear, and getting my life in order before I leave. And, as with any trip out of Florence, all of my close friends want to see me beforehand.

I'm so pleased to have a handful of good friends and honored that they'd all like to see me before I take off for the US, but I feel a tad stressed as I am having a hard time juggling my time to get everything done and to find some quality time to spend with my friends.

So far, I have almost every moment for caffè (coffee) in the morning, pranzo (lunch), and afternoon caffè booked until Friday. I keep my evenings open because of work and because I'd also like to spend time with Alessandro as well.

As items on my checklist get marked off, the stress is slowly dissipating. But, I know that I will finally relax when I'm sitting on that airplane right before it takes off.

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