A quick trip to San Francisco

Alessandro and I had a quick visit to San Francisco with my niece. Her father had to go to an event and we tagged along for the ride up to the city. I wanted to spend some time with my niece and luckily she was able to come with us.

Living in Florence :: A quick trip to San Francisco

My brother-in-law dropped us off at Union Square and we immediately hopped on the next cable car to Fisherman's Wharf. Alessandro was hanging on the outside of it toward the front while I was inside with my niece. When the woman came around to collect money I thought that maybe Alessandro paid for us because I saw her talking with him. It wasn't until we got off and I thanked Alessandro that I realized that we didn't pay.

We walked around a little bit before stopping off to get some clam chowder. I, of course, had to order the one in a hollowed out sourdough bread.

We walked around Pier 39 and quickly took pictures of the sea lions and the view of the bay. We had to go to the Farmer's Market down the Embarcadero to meet my brother-in-law. Unfortunately by the time we arrived a few of the places we wanted to go to were already closed.

When we arrived in Los Gatos, we bought a pumpkin pie because I hadn't eaten one in at least a year and I wanted Alessandro to try it too. He ate it, but it wasn't his favorite. He did like the clam chowder though.

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