Celebrating at Canapone

After we picked up our lost bag at the airport, Alessandro and I went back to our apartment and unpacked some more. Luckily, everything was in order, but one of the wheels to our bag broke off. I hadn't called any of my friends yet to tell them that I had returned to Florence as I've just been feeling exhausted. I decided to call Simone to tell him the news and he told us to stop by for a brindisi (toast) some time this week. Simone is the one who introduced me to Alessandro many months ago, so I felt that I had to tell him first that we did end up tying the knot in Los Angeles.

We arrived at the door to Canapone and Valentina, one of the girls who works there, came to the door screaming, "Non ci posso credere! (I can't believe it!)" She had heard about our getting married through a girl whom Alessandro had told before leaving for the US. He wanted to surprise all of his friends and didn't expect this girl to say anything, but unfortunately she did.

Valentina was happy for us, but a little upset to have heard it through someone else and to not have been told by us. Simone was kind enough to keep the secret as I did tell him we were planning on it before I left for the US, but that nothing was certain until a few days before the wedding.

We stood in the bar area of the Canapone sipping our glasses of prosecco and told them all about our wedding under the full moon in my sister's backyard. They said it sounded romantic and was just like they've seen in the movies. I wanted to show them pictures, but I didn't get them organized yet. Valentina invited us to stay for a celebratory dinner, and we couldn't refuse.

The last meal I had before I left for the States was at Canapone for Alessandro's birthday with his parents. And so it was with great pleasure to celebrate our return to Florence with Simone's fine cooking.

Alessandro and I split an order of tortellini ripieni con zucca (pumpkin-filled tortellini) and I ordered tempura di baccalà (salted cod tempura). Alessandro chose another fish dish, but I was so engrossed with mine that I didn't even try his. When Valentina listed off the dessert items to us, I couldn't resist having Simone's cheesecake, which I've tried to make and have been unsuccessful.

Having dinner at Simone's restaurant was the most perfect way to celebrate our return to Florence. For Alessandro and I, October is filled with wonderful celebrations: my birthday, Alessandro's birthday, and now our wedding. Each one we celebrated at Canapone.

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