Otto giorni di clausura

Today after otto giorni di clausura (eight days of confinement/seclusion), I finally went outside. The weather today was once again amazing. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I walked through Piazza della Signoria and then across Piazza della Repubblica. I was surprised how many tourists were out because just a week ago there seemed to be fewer.

Living in Florence :: Otto giorni di clausura

After doing a few commissioni (errands), I walked to the front of the Duomo to take a picture of it. I haven't seen it in weeks and as I thought about what I wanted to see today, I decided that the Duomo was what I missed the most.

I stood in front of the Duomo for a few minutes watching the other people snapping photos, reading in their guidebooks, and waiting in line to get inside. I was amazed how peaceful it was even though there were a lot of people out. Three police cars were parked in front with the policeman inside watching the crowds.

I walked down via Calzaiuoli to get back to Piazza della Signoria. I tried to stay in the sun as much as possible even though I had to squint because I didn't bring my sunglasses. The sun on my face felt so nice.

I hope the weather will continue to be as nice as it was today now that I'm finally able to go back outside. Now I just hope it'll warm up a little bit more too.

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