Festa della donna

I was happy to find out that the festa della donna (International Women's Day) was on a Saturday this year. I was invited to a friend's house for a small gathering, but it was cancelled the day before. In the end, my friend Haruko decided to have a small dinner at her place with a few of her girlfriends and me.

For the last week, I have been noticing mimosa, which is a yellow flower that is generally given to women on the festa della donna, everywhere. Hanging in shop windows and propped up outside of front doors. When I was out this afternoon walking around, I noticed women carrying it and men walking around with baskets selling it.

We had a wonderful dinner at Haruko's place. We ate wonderful food and talked about everything. Time passed by so quickly that it wasn't until almost 1AM when I left. I was happy to finally have been able to go out because my work schedule has been a little hectic lately.

It was the best festa della donna I've ever had and because it was on a Saturday I was able to fully enjoy the weekend and not think about work.

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