Poda Island

For our last day at the beach before we head back to Florence, we decided to go to Poda Island, which is opposite the Ao Nang beach. We had stopped there to drop off people when we went to Chicken Island and we thought it was an interesting island to stay on for the day. We got on the long-tail boat to Poda Island with a few other people and we crossed the water. It was another warm and sunny day, and we couldn't wait to sit on the beach and enjoy the water.

Living in Florence :: Poda Island

We found a spot in the shade under some trees, but it wasn't easy because everyone else wanted to avoid the powerful sun shining in the sky. We only had four hours on the island before we had to take the long-tail boat back.

We waded in the water and looked at the colorful fish that were swimming around. People would go into the water and drop pieces of bread that the fish jumped at to eat. There were a lot of Thai people in groups standing in the water to see the fish. We were told that many were on vacation because we hadn't seen as many of the locals as we did this weekend.

For lunch, we ordered pad thai and fruit shakes from the long-tail boat that was equipped with a blender, grill, and wok to sell food. As soon as we walked up to the long-tail boat, the woman sitting down asked us, "Can I help you? Fruit shake? Pineapple?" The man in the back of the boat made our pad thai while she made our fruit shakes.

We sat back down on the beach and ate our lunch. We wanted to have a dessert, but decided that when we got back to Ao Nang we'd buy a fried pancake with banana in it. I wanted to go back to the same woman that I've been to numerous times during our stay because she was always so friendly to us and hers ended up being the tastiest ones we tried.

We swam and waded in the water for as long as we could because we knew we wouldn't be going to the water for a while. It was the nicest beach to end our trip on.

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