Summer has arrived!

After weeks and weeks of indecisive weather, it seems that estate (summer) has finally arrived today. Wearing appropriate clothing each day these past few months has been a joke. I couldn't go far without an ombrello (umbrella) and a sweater or jacket in hand. Some days it was cold and rainy and other days cool and sunny.

For a farewell drink with my friend Erin, we went to a bar and sat out on the terrazza (terrace). We all marveled at how the weather finally seemed to have turned and how it was the first time we could sit outside and enjoy the warm weather without the fear of impending cold winds or rain. For the first time this year, I didn't even have to bring a sweater.

The high for today was 33C (91F) and I'm sure it'll start warming up from here on out. I closed the windows of the apartment before noon so as not to allow any of the warm air inside the apartment. I unfortunately couldn't open them back up until about 8pm. Thankfully though we don't get any direct sun into our place or else I'd have to close the persiane (shutters) too. And I admit that can be a bit depressing, especially since I work from home.

Some people have already started complaining about the heat and I know that at times it can be quite excessive, but right now I'm so happy to be able to wear summer clothes and not be worried that I'll get cold.

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