Florence from the Heart

The new website I've been working on over the past few months has finally come to fruition. Florence from the Heart publishes articles, photos and videos from locals who want to share their experiences of life in Florence.

After almost four years of writing a blog, I felt I needed a place where I could discuss places, events, and life in Florence in a more detailed manner. I wanted to dive into the details and not just write about them as they happen. I will certainly continue my blog as I sincerely enjoy writing about the day-to-day happenings of my life here. The Florence from the Heart website allows me the luxury of time to contemplate, examine, and fully appreciate all the aspects of the city that touch my heart and soul. Moreover, I'm able to take more photos and publish them in slideshows that others can enjoy.

I'm happy about having other contributors, who are also expats, so they can provide a more complete view of what it is like to live in Florence.

My wish is that you are able to experience the city as we do. Not at a distance, but from inside the city and with the ability to view the small details that make us appreciate Florence even more. Its external beauty is well-known, but what the city holds deep inside is even more spectacular.

The first article published on the site is about the mercato di Sant'Ambrogio, which to me is a joyful feature of living in Florence. A special place that not only nourishes my body, but also my heart and soul.

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