Watching the partita with the guys

After my pranzo (lunch) with my suoceri (in-laws), it was time for the Fiorentina to play their Sunday partita (game). Two friends of my suocero (father-in-law) came over to watch it with us. I sat at the end of the (couch) with my suocero and his friends while Alessandro sat on a chair next to me. His mother stayed in the cucina (kitchen) to watch something else.

Almost a year ago when I first went to their house, I sat there in silence watching the partita and listened to the men comment on the giocatori (players), the arbitro (referee), and the tiri in porta (attempts to make a goal).

Today's partita was the first one of the season that all five of us watched together. At the end of last season, I interjected a few times, but today, I was able to let myself express my happiness and frustration without monitoring myself. Before, I didn't know much about the squadre (teams), but over the last year I've learned a lot. I'm now able to recognize most of the giocatori on the campo.

With each gol (goal), we all cheered together. However, with each bad call by the arbitro or gol by the other team, we expressed our anger. "Non possibile. Dio bono. It's not possible. Good Lord." Each one of us added our own expletives.

At the end of the primo tempo (first half), we were ecstatic. Unfortunately at the end of the partita, we were infelici (unhappy) because the Fiorentina lost.

I enjoyed watching the partita with the guys. It's so much more exciting to watch a partita with other tifosi (fans). I now can't wait for next week's partita.

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