Walking home from the stadio

This morning I hitched a ride with Alessandro to go to one of my favorite pasticcerie (pastry shops) outside of the centro (downtown area), Pasticceria Stefania in via Marconi. Alessandro goes there every weekend morning before work and this morning I woke up at 7am just to have one of their sfoglia con crema (puff pastry with cream). I love how when we get there, they are still warm from coming out of the oven. Normally, Alessandro would drive me back home, but today I decided to take a long walk home afterwards.

Only a few people were standing at the banco (counter) at 7:30am when we arrived. I walked up to the case where the paste (pastries) were on display. Alessandro ordered a cremino (cream-filled croissant), and I ordered a sfoglia con crema that the girl gave us wrapped in a napkin.

I stood at the banco to drink my cappuccino that the barista (barman) gave me after drawing a flower on top of it. I moved over when other people came in to have their colazione (breakfast).

After we finished, Alessandro drove off and I headed down viale dei Mille toward the stadio (stadium). The normally busy street was almost deserted at 8am.

A few people were walking their dogs in front of the stadio where the Fiorentina played last night. The empty stadio looked so different without any of the tifosi (fans).

I walked to via Lungo l'Affrico and went over the cavalcavia (overpass). I headed toward the Arno and walked along the river toward our apartment. A few runners ran past me while packs of ciclisti (bike riders) whizzed by in the street.

It was cool and sunny when I headed down the lungarno (street along the Arno). I walked along the footpath that bordered the river, which was much quieter than the marciapiede (sidewalk) along the street.

I was surprised to see a few men sitting along the bank of the river fishing. Each one had at least one fishing rod in the river while they sat in a chair with their fishing gear saddled up next to them.

I walked along the same path that Alessandro and I normally run down. Walking instead of running allowed me to take in more of the view of the city and my surroundings.

I didn't realize how many people ran on Sunday mornings because we are usually running too. Groups and individuals passed me in both directions while I was walking down the lungarno.

I was surprised to reach our apartment so quickly especially since I took the long way and walked instead of run. While the weather is still holding up, it's such a pleasure to walk around the city on a Sunday morning when most people are still sleeping.

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