A bit about my favorite piazza

I just posted an article on my website Florence from the Heart about my favorite piazza: Piazza di Santa Croce. I had gone to the piazza many times over the last few months to take pictures and capture my feelings about it. I think that everyone has a favorite piazza in Florence and even though there are a few others I admire and enjoy, Piazza di Santa Croce seems to me to be the most fascinating of all for me. I especially love the mix of the permanent with the temporary. The residents with the tourists. And the palazzi (buildings) and basilica (church) and the makeshift stands that come and go in the piazza all year round.

I have many other articles to write on Florence from the Heart, and my new year's resolution is to publish even more. I have a few coming up that I hope you will enjoy.

The articles take time mostly because of the pictures and time I dedicate to each one. I enjoy it as another way of showing my love of the city. The blog allows me to express what is on my heart, while my other site allows me to express my deeper feelings of my beloved city.

From my mercato (market) to my favorite piazza, I hope that next year I will be able to show you many more characteristics of the city that have touched my heart. A few other people are also planning on contributing to the site. I do hope that this year will be a prolific one for the contributors as well because I for one am interested in experiencing their view of Florence.

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