Nuova macchina fotografica

Babbo Natale (Santa Claus) came in the form of my friend Amy who took a plane from the US to lug my new macchina fotografica (camera) to me. I ordered it over the Internet and had it sent to my friend's office. She was kind enough to bring me my new toy, which I couldn't wait to use. After going to her house, I ran home to recharge the batteries, and set it up.

Living in Florence :: Nuova macchina fotografica

Alessandro and I went to have sushi nearby, but I couldn't wait to finish dinner so we could walk around town for me to try out my new macchina fotografica. I was so excited about using it that I skipped eating dessert.

We bundled ourselves up with scarves, hats, and gloves to go for a stroll around il centro (the downtown area). We first walked to Piazza Santa Croce, but the chilly breeze was too strong for me to stand there to take a lot of pictures, so I only took a couple of them.

We walked down via Palmieri and turned onto Borgo degli Albizi where we saw only a few other people looking at the shop windows. We turned down via dello Studio to catch a glimpse of the Duomo. Because of the lights strung up over the street, I couldn't get a good shot of the dark orange cupola (dome) as it peeked above the palazzi (buildings).

We walked to the front of the Duomo where we found many other people were out touring the city and taking photos. To take the photos, I had to take off my right glove, which made my fingers sting when the cold breeze hit it.

We walked down via Roma to Piazza Repubblica. Some of the bars were open and people were inside warming up. Many of the gelaterie (ice cream shops) were open too with people selecting and eating their gelati (ice creams).

We felt too cold to stay out much longer, so we walked to Piazza della Signoria to go home. I had wanted to go to the Arno and see the Ponte Vecchio, but I knew the wind would be too unbearable.

One of my favorite shots was of the Ratto delle Sabine statua (statue) in the Loggia della Signora even though it's not as clear as it could be. I wasn't standing as still as I should've been, but I was freezing cold standing out in the piazza. I do love the colors of the backlit loggia behind the statua, and I'm sure I'll be going back a few more times to take some more shots.

I'm so happy with my new macchina fotografica, which is a Nikon D90. I had used my friend Brian's Nikon D80 for many of the photos I took for the Florence from the Heart website, and loved it. Now that I have my own, I'll be taking many more pictures of my beloved city whenever I get the chance.

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