Catching the sunset

When I am working at my computer in the early evening, I usually miss the tramonto (sunset). I sometimes catch a glimpse of it from the window of our apartment, and watch the cielo (sky) change color. A few times the colors were so amazing that I got up from behind my desk and walked to the window or up to the terrazza (terrace) to have a better look. So yesterday I decided to try to catch the tramonto on my way over to a shop in San Niccolò.

Living in Florence :: Catching the sunset

On my way over the Ponte alle Grazie, I looked up at the Ponte Vecchio and noticed how beautiful the colors were with the cloudy cielo hovering above. I was struck by how the lights along the Arno were shimmering on the water. I pulled my macchina fotografica (camera) out and snapped a few photos. When I looked at the pictures on my macchina fotografica, I was surprised to see the torre (tower) of the Palazzo Vecchio in the photo.

As I stood on the Ponte alle Grazie, I realized how quiet the city was. It seems that people still haven't returned from the feste (holidays). With so few cars and motorini (mopeds) whizzing by, I could hear the water in the Arno rushing down the embankment below. I looked at the emerald green opaque water as its color darkened.

I love standing above the Arno looking out at the city where the monumenti (monuments) peek out from above the palazzi (buildings). I looked behind me toward San Niccolò to see San Miniato on the low hill above. It looks like a majestic crown on the hill to me.

I walked along the lungarno (street that runs along the Arno river) toward the Ponte Vecchio and saw only the top of the Duomo. The rest of the chiesa (church) was hidden by the many palazzi.

I stood at the brick wall along the path of the lungarno and watched the cielo get darker. I was happy to catch the tramonto yesterday even though the cielo wasn't clear. I found the colors and shadows even more interesting than if the cielo was clear. I plan on going out another day to catch the tramonto again because I found it quite relaxing and exciting at the same time.

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