Lisa McGarry's new article on Florence from the Heart

I'm happy to announce that Lisa McGarry has just published a new article on Florence from the Heart. Lisa's latest article is about Piazza della Signoria, which is a piazza that I walk through many times a week. I love how I feel as if I get to experience the piazza with Lisa. Not only does she point out some of the highlights, but also sprinkles in historical information that I find interesting.

I enjoy reading each person's experience of Florence with much delight. It's a pleasure to experience a place that I know with someone else's viewpoint and understanding. It allows me to see it differently and open my own understanding of the place.

Today, I also purchased the book "Firenze in quattro stagioni" (Florence in four seasons) by Paola Zannoner who was born in Grosetto and now lives in Florence. She begins with summer, which she says is the most difficult season in Florence. And anyone who has come here in the summer can understand that for us residents, the deluge of tourists can sometimes be challenging for us: busy streets, large crowds, and noisy piazze late into the night. This book is more like a memoir of her life in Florence, and I am looking forward to reading more.

A few more articles are going to be published on Florence from the Heart to demonstrate a wide variety of observations that the residents have in Florence. I do hope that you enjoy them, and that you too can experience the city with new eyes.

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