A late sunset

This evening as the sun was setting, I ran outside to Ponte alle Grazie to take a few shots of the tramonto (sunset). I wish I had my camera on the first night we returned because the sky was an incredible shade of pink and orange. I was happy to catch tonightís tramonto because I hadnít had time since I returned to see it.

Living in Florence :: A late sunset

As usual, I wasnít the only person on the Ponte alle Grazie to see the tramonto. I took photos from both sides of the ponte (bridge). I liked the one I took of Piazza Demidoff with the Piazzale Michelagiolo and San Miniato chiesa (church) along with the almost full moon above.

I stood on the ponte to look at the sun set behind the Ponte Vecchio. It was not only beautiful to look at, but also touching to watch. I felt a sense of tranquility come over me.

While I looked out at the tramonto, I realized that I am a person who falls in love with places. I not only appreciate them, but I also accept them with all my heart. Even though I love traveling and seeing new places, I doubt right now that I could live in another city that gives me as much as Florence.

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