Back and forth

For the last three months I have spent half my time in Paris and the other half at home in Florence. I am now back in Paris in the middle of my third two-week trip. At the beginning of the year, I would never have imagined that Id be traveling back and forth to Paris for work. I always thought I would return to Paris some day until I moved to Florence. Even though my home is Florence, Paris holds a very special place in my heart. And, I feel fortunate to be able to come and spend so much time here.

The longer I am in Paris, the more I realize how important it is for me. I dont know how long my contract in Paris will last, but for now I am enjoying my life between my favorite two cities: Florence and Paris. Each one offers me a different life. In Florence, my time is freer while in Paris, its more structured since I have to work in an office every day.

I dont have much free time in Paris and travel across the city mostly underground, but I try to find a few moments to enjoy it. I used to take the mtro that is closer to my apartment, but now I walk a few extra minutes so that I can see more of the city and not just the tall apartment buildings that line the streets.

I walk to the esplanade in front of the Htel des Invalides and can see the Alexandre III bridge as well as the Petit and Grand Palais in the distance. I love the walk through the esplanade not only because of the grass and trees, but also because of the sky that is visible without any buildings around.

I have always felt so fortunate with my life in Florence, but I feel that Im doubly blessed now to enjoy Florence and Paris while dipping into the two different lifestyles and appreciating each one.

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