Eight days, seven flights

After I returned from Paris on Wednesday, we left for Copenhagen on Friday. We returned to Florence Monday night and took off for California on Thursday morning. At the end of eight days, I had taken seven flights, stopped off in seven countries, and only spent four days in Florence. I was fortunate to have run in the morning because it was the only time I had to enjoy my beloved city. During the days I had in Florence, I mostly had to work and, in my free time, run errands.

Iím happy to be in California visiting family. I havenít come to the States to visit them in over a year. For me, the biggest challenge living abroad is not seeing my family as easily as when I was living in California. When I come for visits, my time is brief.

I especially love to come to the States with my marito (husband) because I get to share with him my life before I moved away. I find so many things have changed in the US since I left as well as continually changing. Itís especially interesting for me to see where I grew up. The town has gone through many transformations.

People always ask me if I could move back to California and honestly I donít know. I always say no because I do enjoy my life as it is now in Europe, but I do miss some things in the US like convenience and variety. I think when I was living here I didnít realize how easy life was, but now that I live in Italy where things can be less convenient at times, I appreciate how good I had it.

I'm happy to not have to fly anywhere for a while and enjoy my time in the US while I can with my marito.

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