Appreciating the separation

On the day before I leave for Paris, I strolled down my beloved cityís streets in silence. I wanted to kiss every stone, building, monument, and church. All I could see was beauty. I wanted to capture every piece of my beloved city and tuck them in my pocket to take with me. Even though I enjoy my time in Paris, I find it painful to leave Florence each time. My heart breaks a little when I know that I have to be away from my life in my beloved city with my husband and friends.

I was happy that my day started with a run along the Arno to Ponte alla Carraia. I only do that run on the weekend when there is less traffic. The air was heavy and humid this morning, but I still enjoyed seeing different aspects of my beloved city.

This afternoon, I met up with one of my closest girlfriends and found it difficult to leave her place. With each hour that passes, Iím approaching my departure for Paris.

My trips to Paris have been rewarding on many levels for me; however, one of the greatest lessons they have taught me is to appreciate my life, my loved ones, and my beloved city even more.

I already appreciate Florence, but having to be separated from it allows me to value it even more. The more I love Florence, the more my heart opens up. I never knew that my living in Florence would have such a wonderful affect on me, and for that I will always be appreciative.

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