Writing in a café in Paris

In Paris, I enjoy going to a local café to have breakfast. I sit alone at a table, sipping on a café crême and eating either a croissant or a baguette with butter and jam. After I settle in, the first thing I do is pull out a notebook and pen. I enjoy writing in public places because I don’t get distracted, yet still take short breaks to watch people walk by. My biggest distraction is my computer. Besides work I can do, projects I can tend to, there’s also the Internet where I can surf for hours.

This morning, I went to a small café on rue Cler, which is a street in the 7th arrondissement that has an open market where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, bread, pastries, and prepared dishes. I was offered to sit on the covered and heated terrace, but I preferred to sit inside with my back to the wall. The position was perfect because I could look out through the tall glass windows to watch people drag their overflowing shopping carts behind them or balance bags of groceries on each arm.

In Florence, I rarely go out for breakfast alone. I could easily do it and have a few favorite cafés, but I don’t. I prefer to go to a café with friends so that we can catch up. I’ve never been one who enjoys standing at the banco (bar) in a café to have breakfast as they often do in Italy. I’ve done it, but I feel as if I’m missing out on something. I enjoy sitting down and taking my time to eat my breakfast, to write, to appreciate my surroundings and to watch the people as they come and go.

It seems more acceptable to sit in a café in Paris to write. Many famous writers have come to Paris to do just that. In Florence, I prefer to write at home where I am comfortable; however, when I do go out to write, I prefer a museum or garden where I am surrounded by beauty. In Paris, I prefer a café. It’s the perfect sport because people walk by and no one bothers me is perfect. It’s an environment that dictates anonymity and independence.

I find it interesting that along with being in a different location, I have different desires and habits. I was happy all day after having the perfect morning in Paris, writing while I enjoyed my breakfast. It’s definitely a treat that I cherish each weekend I’m in Paris.

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