Leaving behind Florence again

On my run along the Arno this morning, I almost had to stop right before the Ponte Santa Trinita. A pang of sadness washed over me. In that moment, I came to the realization that I would be taking off again in only a few hours. I just returned to Florence late Friday night, spent a wonderful day taking in my beloved city, visiting with my family, and having dinner with friends.

I wanted to take a few pictures today in Florence before I left, but time was not on my side. Also, I believe a part of me didnít want to see the city with such sadness weighing me down.

Today I was seated on the right side of the airplane and was unable to see my beloved city during takeoff. I usually am on the other side where I can see the Duomo, Arno, and Palazzo Vecchio as my plane takes off. It was probably better that way since I didnít have to watch my beloved city fade away as I left again.

While I write this on my plane to Paris, we are flying over Lake Geneva. Florence is already far away from me. As if it has slipped through my fingers and is now far from reach.

When I was in Antigua for vacation, one of the waitresses who befriended me told me that Iíd cry when I leave Antigua. I smiled and knew that I wouldnít, no matter how much I enjoyed my time there. It was a lovely place that allowed me time to relax and recharge my batteries, but it didnít fill my heart the way Florence does.

Thereís not much I can do with the sadness I feel each time I leave my beloved city behind. I feel it, accept it, and try to find joy in the moments Iím away. Itís not like I donít enjoy my time in Paris, but I love my time in Florence much more.

I donít even need to do anything special in Florence to enjoy it. I can just sit in my apartment and listen to the sounds around me, like cars and motorini (scooters) whizzing by, church bells ringing, and people talking. I can feel the energy of the city seep through the windows, I feel more creative and excited.

When we touched down in Paris, I tried not to think much about Florence. The sadness I felt when I took off dissipated a little bit. Iím in Paris for two weeks and will be busy with work, which will keep me from dreaming too much about the city I left behind.

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