Viewing the city from another location

Many fiorentini (Florentines) have taken off to enjoy cooler temperatures and fresher air this week, but I prefer to stay in town. It may be hot in the afternoons, but the streets are much quieter. Itís a dream to walk around the city with so few cars and motorini (scooters) passing by. To enjoy the quiet Florentine evening, my girlfriend suggested that we go to the terrazza (terrace) of the Grand Hotel Baglioni so that we could catch a glimpse of my beloved city from another location.

Living in Florence :: Viewing the city from another location

I had heard about the hotelís terrazza, but I never had the time or opportunity to go. After meeting in Piazza dellíUnitŗ, we walked up the stairs to the fifth floor. We could see the stazione (train station) through the large glass windows around the large patio. We walked up a few more steps to another terrazza to find a table. While some people were already dining, we planned on having an aperitivo (aperitif).

We both couldnít stop taking photos while the sun set behind Santa Maria Novella church. It was a delight to feel the summer breeze cooling us off while we watched the sky turning pink, orange, and then red.

Because we were so high up, the air was much cooler than what we felt before entering the albergo (hotel). After the sun finally set, we decided to find a restaurant for dinner. It was also too chilly for me to stay up on the terrazza.

I was happy that we had an aperitivo at the top of the albergo because I love visiting new places to see my beloved city from different angles. It was the first time that I saw the dome of the San Lorenzo church that close.

With so few people in town, it felt almost as if we were on vacation. We both felt that it would be a good idea to enjoy evenings after work like last night because it almost felt as if we too were on vacation. Florence is certainly quieter in August, but also quite pleasant in the evening.

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