Experiencing and cherishing beauty

For me, beauty can be transmitted through photos and words, but the feelings that bubble up inside of you when you experience beauty are personal and powerful. Even though I live in Florence and just outside of Paris, I am exposed to a lot of beauty. I am very sensitive to my surroundings and crave beauty because it inspires me, emotionally moves me, and touches me deeply.

Living in Florence :: Experiencing and cherishing beauty

I may see the same monuments, bridges, churches and piazze over and over again, but I never tire of seeing them. The way the sun lights up a monument or how the clouds cast shadows on it fills me with great joy. Each city is like a dynamic work of art.

I love taking photos of my beloved city. Capturing a moment in time is a gift that I receive wholeheartedly and am so happy to share. Each picture brings back memories, feelings, and words that came to me when I took it. Itís not just an image that is immobilized in time.

I finally picked up my Nikon D90 yesterday and took a few photos. I hadnít been taking photos with it in months if not maybe an entire year. I stopped one day because I thought that it was broken. I took a few photos that were completely off. In the meantime, I have been taking photos with my iPhone and posting them up on Instagram. I love the immediacy of Instagram as well as the ability to share with others so easily.

Now that I have returned to taking photos with my Nikon, I am back on my photography kick and will hopefully be taking more photos with it to capture the beauty around me and share it. I love catching a moment that inspires and moves me.

Beauty is not only to be captured; it is to be cherished. Even though photos are lovely to look at and have the ability to move you, experiencing the place by opening all your senses to take it in is the absolute best. I hope that you too can soak up the beauty with your eyes so that your heart also will be touched.

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