Scrolling through my photos on Instagram

The other night when I was unable to fall asleep, I picked up my phone and began scrolling through my photos on Instagram. Itís something I rarely do except to see if I recently posted a similar photo. I felt quite happy browsing through the photos Iíve taken over the past few years because each one is a part of me. I was surprised that so many of the photos were moments I vividly remember. I thought that after a few years or even a few months, I would forget what I was feeling in a specific moment captured in a photo. Often, however, it triggered my memory of the moment.

Living in Florence :: Scrolling through my photos on Instagram

It was interesting as well for me to see that I have posted thousands of photos over the years. I never paid attention to the number of photos Iíve taken because I enjoy taking photos of Florence so much. I donít take photos of Florence just to publish them on Instagram. I take photos of Florence to have as keepsakes for me. Each photo is a candid moment of my life in Florence that I cherish.

The photo I chose for this blog post was one that I decided to take in a split second. I admired the warm light against the buildings along the Arno and the contrast of the Autunno statue on Ponte Santa Trinitŗ. I didnít plan on taking this photo; I happened to be walking toward the bridge and was inspired to take it. One of the most magical moments I captured in a photo was when I was standing in Piazza Duomo listening to the Campanile bells ringing while admiring the full moon nestled between the Duomo and the Campanile. Another memorable moment I captured was in a photo I took of Santa Croce while I was walking down a narrow street that leads out to the piazza. The sun was bursting out of the the corner of the building on the street that sent rays of sunlight toward me and I had to take a photo of it.

It might not be optimal to use my iPhone to take photos of Florence, but it is incredibly convenient. I love being spontaneous when I take photos. I normally donít have the intention to walk around Florence and take photos. I go outside to enjoy Florence and if Iím inspired to take a photo, I do so. I love keeping myself open to see something new or something old, but differently, in Florence. Every time I catch sight of something that fills me with joy, I grab my iPhone out of my pocket and take a few photos of it. I love the thrill of capturing such beautiful moments. Not just for me, but also to share with others.

What surprised me the most about my photos on Instagram was that very few of them have any people in them. I prefer to not have people in my photos only because I enjoy putting the focus on Florence. Itís a joy to admire her at different times of the day and year. I especially enjoy relishing her at sunrise and sunset as well as during the golden and blue hours. I am fortunate to have the time and patience to photograph Florence when no one is around (or at least not passing by).

I love the idea of taking people along my walks around Florence in varying weather conditions, at different times of the day, and without passersby. It gives me great pleasure to share my special moments of Florence via Instagram. I hope that through my photos, others can appreciate Florence as much as I do and give her homage. Iím fortunate that this magical city keeps showing me more and more of her beauty every single day.

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