Time to nurture Florence

I often refer to Florence as my beloved city, but she certainly doesnít belong to me. Nor does she belong to anyone else or any group of people. She belongs to all of humanity. After having lived in Florence for almost 15 years, it pains me to see its decline. I donít think itís any one personís fault, but definitely the fault of anyone who sees Florence as a commodity and not a treasure to be respected and honored. Florence has nurtured all of us and itís time that we nurture her.

Living in Florence :: Time to nurture Florence

I do my best to keep my focus on Florenceís beauty and love that she is always emitting and sharing with us. However, I can no longer deny that Florence is in need of being nurtured. She is being used and neglected by the people who are supposed to be taking care of her. I write these words with a heavy heart because I donít want the reality of what exists today to continue.

For the past few years, I have felt as if Florence were a child being taken care of by grandparents. These people might love Florence, but they let things slide. They prefer to be the ďniceĒ parent who spoils the child instead of the one who enforces the rules. When one personóregardless of where they come fromódoesnít respect the rules, no one respects the rules.

For those of us who live in Florence, it has become quite challenging. I refuse to list the actual issues so as not to give them attention. I choose to revel in Florenceís beauty and focus on her positive aspects, but itís becoming more and more difficult to do so. Fortunately, I still find beauty wherever I go, but lately I prefer to tap into Florenceís beauty in the gardens as opposed to her city streets.

Regardless of the current situation, I remain hopeful. As we say, ďLa speranza Ť líultima a morire.Ē Hope is the last to die. I will continue to celebrate her in all that I do. Florence is my beacon of love and I will always respect, appreciate, and honor her. May others join me in doing the same in their own way.

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