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Today our niece had the day off so Dave and I got to take care of her all day. She woke me up at 7AM so that we could build a gingerbread house together. Her mom bought a kit on Sunday and we decided that she and I would build it together. She has been so excited all week and finally this morning, she was allowed to begin the art project with me.

Living in Florence :: Child care tag team

After three hours of us decorating the gingerbread house, it was Dave's turn to watch our niece so I could take a shower. Afterwards, we went out to eat sushi together. We let her choose where to sit and she chose the sushi bar. I can understand. It's all so exciting to watch the little boats of sushi go by and she can pick which ones she'd like. "Is that himachi?" she'd ask me. She loves yellow tail.

We then went to Toys'R Us together, so that we could let our niece pick out a little present for herself. We also went to get a few gifts for our friends Todd and Judy's children and their niece. We're going there tomorrow for her son's third birthday party.

Afterwards, I dropped Dave off at home and took our niece to her Tae Kwon Do class. I was the only one who wasn't the mother of a child. I brought my new video camera and filmed her practice. At first she didn't want me to film her and then when we got there, she said that I could even though she kept making faces at me.

We got home and decided to go and see Wallace & Gromit movie, "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit." We bought some popcorn, a pretzel, and some nachos since it was a 5:30PM show and we were already hungry. Dave and I fell asleep during the movie and our niece had to wake us both up. It was a great movie, but we were just tired.

Afterwards, we decided to go and get Mexican food (again) at a place nearby. Dave and I wanted to stay up late, but being parents exhausted us. We went to sleep early ready to take care of our niece tomorrow too.

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