Living in Florence :: To know Florence is to love Florence

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Florence. Even if you don't know me, itís fairly obvious. I not only write about living in Florence, but I also take pictures of the beauty around me in Florence. I donít love Florence just because of her apparent beauty; I love Florence because of how she makes me feel when I am here. Florence stirs up powerful emotions within me, she inspires me to listen more closely to my heart, she nudges me to act and speak from love, she motivates me to be sincere, and she encourages me to fully embrace who I am.

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Living in Florence :: Opening up to Florenceís beauty

To some people, Florence might just be a beautiful city to visit and enjoy. To me, Florence is one of my greatest loves. Loving a city is like loving a person: I was initially attracted to Florenceís beauty, I enjoy so many of her qualities, I accept my beloved city as she is, and I love how she makes me feel when I am in her embrace. I didnít choose to love Florence by checking items off of a list, but rather by feeling her love inside of me. While I am attracted to Florenceís exterior, it is her interior that I fell in love with. Her heart, her soul, and her vibrant energy influence me every day.

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