Waking up to a few inches of snow

Last night at about 11PM, I was surprised by how light it was outside. On one of our windows, we have a thin curtain just so no one can see in. I opened the window and looked out. It was as if it were 7AM because of how light it was. It was snowing steadily for many hours and this morning there was at least four to six inches of snow on the ground, rooftops, and my poor plants!

Living in Florence :: Waking up to a few inches of snow

With this blog entry, I put the picture of the rooftops and trees that we can see outside of our apartment windows.

The sun shone brightly this morning, but didn't melt that much of the snow. I bundled up and wore the boots I got in Munich last month and then went out with my camera to take some more pictures of my snowy Firenze. I headed straight for the Arno river. I just love going there to see the view. I guess it's one of those places downtown where you can actually see some sky.

On my way there, I went through the Piazza di Santa Croce, which was covered with snow. I had to be careful walking because of all the slush. Luckily, it wasn't too cold, so none of it turned to ice. Someone made a huge snowball on the piazza, but then just left it there. Dave thought someone was going to build a snowman, but I don't think they do that here. I think that's an American custom.

I went to the Ponte alle Grazie and took some pictures of the Oltrarno. I then walked along the Arno and then cut over to get to the Piazza della Signoria. I spotted many people (even Florentines) out taking pictures. Everyone seemed to be talking about it as well. The Piazza della Signoria was all slushy as well just like the Piazza di Santa Croce.

Via Calzaiuoli was packed with people window shopping. There wasn't any snow or even slush on this shady main street. They must have come by to clean it up as I did see some people cleaning up the snow near the Duomo.

I walked to the Duomo and took a few more pictures of the snow on the Duomo. There was a huge line of people waiting to walk up to go to the top. I'm sure they must have had a great view of the entire city blanketed with snow. I wanted to go up as well, but it was almost lunch and I was already hungry. I also realized that I had been walking around town for almost 2 hours taking pictures!

Before I even left the house, I thought about going to Piazzale Michelangelo on foot, but because the Piazza di Santa Croce was so slushy, I figured the stairs up to the Piazzale Michelangelo would be even worse.

If it snows again, which has been forecast for Saturday and/or Sunday, I'll try to make it up there to take a picture of Florence covered in snow. Although, I probably won't walk up there without snow boots!

You can view all of the photos I took today at Beanpix.

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