Shopped until I dropped

After yesterday morning's grandinata (hailstorm), the afternoon's temporale (thunderstorm), and the early evening's sunny skies, I was happy to wake up to a bright and sunny day. I didn't want to miss a nice day out, so I made plans to go downtown in the afternoon. I opened the window in our kitchen this morning in hopes that the air would be as warm as it looked, but it was so cold that I had to quickly close it. I buttoned up my wool coat and wrapped my scarf around my neck twice and I was ready to go.

Living in Florence :: Shopped until I dropped

I packed up a few of the books I finished so I could exchange them at the Paperback Exchange, which is in Via delle Oche next to the Duomo. I spent a lot of time browsing the books on the shelves and walked out with fewer books than I walked in with.

I then made my way past the large crowds of people in front of the Duomo, where I took the picture of the Campanile di Giotto. Afterwards I walked down via dei Cerretani and then turned left on via dei Tornabuoni. I walked into Max Mara and inside I was surprised at the beautifully painted ceilings. I've only been to the other one around the corner, but I'd never walked into this one.

I went into a few other shops to dare un'occhiata (have a look around). I then turned right on via della Vigna Nuova. When I got to Lungarno Corsini, I walked along the Arno river toward the Ponte Santa Trinità.

I then walked down via Porta Rossa, via dei Calzaiuoli, and then via del Corso. I was surprised at how many people were downtown: some were visiting with maps in hand while others were shopping.

I went to one of my favorite shops, Elisir, where I get lots of girlie creams and potions. They also sell very unique perfumes that I got to smell for the first time. The woman who works there mi da del Lei (uses the formal you) and so I do the same. She is probably the only person that I see on a fairly regular basis that still does this. My friends tell me that I can tell her that we can dare del tu (use the informal you), but I feel it would be impolite.

I was happy when I finally got home, especially so I could put down my bags. It was great to spend the day outside without worry of pioggia (rain). Whatever tomorrow will bring will be fine for me: I've got plenty of books to keep me company.

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